Review S&OP in one day! – 2018

In late March Involvation organized the fourth edition of ‘S&OP in One Day!’, a leading training and networking event for anyone who wants to learn more about sales & operations planning (S&OP). Over 80 S&OP professionals participated in the interactive presentations – including a case study by Canon – and put their new insights into practice immediately in The Fresh Connection, an S&OP simulation. Once again, it became apparent that ‘S&OP is simple but not easy’!

The Landgoed De Horst country estate in Driebergen, the Netherlands, provided an inspiring backdrop.

Hans van der Drift (Involvation) was clearly enjoying himself.

Everyone was expected to actively participate, because sharing knowledge and experience was a key element of the day.


Helped by the Involvation consultants, participants could immediately put their newly gained insights into practice in the virtual world of The Fresh Connection.

Peter Tielemans (Involvation) provided further explanation of the theory.

The participants made the most of the springlike weather during the breaks.

Remco de Marie illustrated how S&OP has given Canon new insights and efficiency.

The lessons of the day were noted down: S&OP is simple, but not easy.

The OMP team achieved the highest score in the simulation and saved the virtual company The Fresh Connection from going under. (Left to right: Reinier de Jonge, Bart Bijlsma, Aleksander Banasik, Yu Him Lee)

At the end of the day: fresh consumptions & connections…

Growth creates complexity, which requires simplicity
Andy Stanley