Demand Driven Supply Chain Management

Demand Driven Supply Chain Management delivers breakthrough

A growing number of companies have been able to improve their service while decreasing their cost. Their secret is surprisingly simple. They simply no longer accept their dependency on chronically unreliable predictions and plans and are able to unravel themselves successfully from the ‘planning mismatch’.

Avoid the planning mismatch

Deciding well requires that decisions are made on the basis of reliable information. Late if necessary, early when possible. If we decide too early or too late, we are in the ‘planning mismatch’. To avoid disappointment and misery, the ‘planning mismatch‘ should be avoided wherever possible.

The Demand Driven Supply Chain Management Wheel of Five

To help you achieve your own Demand Driven Supply Chain Management (DDSCM) improvement strategy and solutions, we have developed the DDSCM Wheel of Five for you. The Wheel of Five contains five complementary guidelines or design principles to avoid the planning mismatch and break the service paradox. We are happy to help you realize a breakthrough with DDSCM.


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