Supply Chain Roadmap

Involvation presents the Supply Chain Roadmap at the SCM Professionals Network meeting

Supply Chain Magazine organised on the 25th of November, 2015, in collaboration with Involvation, a meeting for the Supply Chain Professionals Network. This community, active since 2012, creates a platform for Supply Chain Directors and Managers the possibilities to share their experiences, best practices and challenges on a regular base. Per meeting, a specific theme is being discussed.

On the 25th of November, Supply Chain Strategy and especially the alignment with a company’s business strategy was the central theme. Approx. 16 members of the SC Professionals Network, working in different segments in manufacturing and distribution, started with defining a Supply Chain Strategy for a company, representing experiences made by Involvation. This first run was being done on their own experience and knowledge.

Involvation then presented the Supply Chain Roadmap, an approach for formulating a supply chain strategy defined by Hernán David Perez. This approach focuses on the alignment of the business framework (representing the competitive environment of the organisation), the value propositions it delivers to its target market segments and its internal supply chain processes. The approach is much more explicit in the analysis and design of valid combinations of these three building blocks.

After the roadmap was presented, the participants revisited the company case and refined the supply chain strategy.
The participants were enthusiastic about the added value of the presented approach. The focus on alignment of competitive environment, value proposition and internal operations were highly valuated. Next to that, the ‘ideal configurations’ defined by Perez were considered valuable additions to the supply chain managers’ toolkit.

Via Supply Chain Magazine’s website (, an extended report on this session will become available shortly. You will also find more information on the Supply Chain Professionals Network, its membership and upcoming events.

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