S&OP Health Check

Gain quick insight into your S&OP improvement potential with the S&OP Health Check

thermometerDo you want to get more out of your S&OP process? Involvation’s S&OP Health Check provides a quick and clear picture of the current performance, indicates where the improvement potential can be found and what steps need to be taken.

Why the S&OP Health Check?

  • You want to understand the maturity of your current S&OP process; how is it performing in comparison to other organizations?
  • You want to know where the improvement potential can be found; what needs to be changed for an efficient and effective S&OP process?
  • You want to know where to begin; what are the ‘quick wins’ and what are the longer-term improvements?

3-step approach

S&OP Health Check ENGThe Health Check starts with an intake to discuss the approach and the planning. Then follows a day of interviews with the key stakeholders in the S&OP process. Based on this information, an analysis is made. The last step is a feedback session in which the findings are presented and discussed.


What will the S&OP Health Check deliver?

  • An objective assessment of the current maturity of your S&OP process
  • Carried out by experienced S&OP experts
  • An overview of the short and long term improvement potential
  • A plan how the improvements will be achieved

More information?

Curious to know how your S&OP process is performing? Then do the Health Check now and get a clear picture quickly.

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