Experience the power of Integrated Business Planning!

Working in functional silos?

It is a common problem in many companies: business functions that are not aligned. People in different departments have different incentives, agendas and mental models. The result: sub-optimal results, missed business targets and a lot of wasted energy.

Better decisions with IBP

Recognise this? The good news is that Integrated Business Planning can help by realising cross-functional alignment. By enabling decisions that are optimal for the company as a whole, not just for one department. Besides, a well-defined IBP process can be the bridge between the company’s strategy and the tactical and operational decisions.

Get more out of S&OP?

Maybe you are already running S&OP and want to improve it, or maybe you want to make the next step towards IBP. But where to start? How to make it a joint effort with your colleagues, leading to concrete results?

In 2021 Involvation again offers the opportunity to strengthen you knowledge and get inspired by joining our “IBP Boost Camp”. The IBP Boost Camp consists of four short and interactive online workshops with case studies, theory and mutual sparring over practical insights and standard pitfalls.

Between the workshops you will experience the power of IBP during a number of rounds of “The Cool Connection”, the ultimate IBP Game. This ensures a very steep learning curve.

Target audience

Are you actively involved in S&OP/IBP and willing to drive the next step? And are you working in sales, finance, procurement, operations or supply chain? Then register for this high energy training and experience the power of Integrated Business Planning! For more information please contact Hans van der Drift.