Fasten your seatbelt in Automotive!

It’s a challenging time in the Automotive industry; demand & supply shocks create big disturbances in the Automotive supply chain. Involvation developed a proven and pragmatic approach to manage upcoming volatilities in. In this paper we share our vision of how organizations in the complex automotive supply chain can deal with the current crisis. In…

S&OP Mindmap

As a result of increasing volatility in demand many companies are busy implementing Sales & Operations Planning. They try to get beyond balancing forecasted demand and manufacturing volumes and incorporate financial budgets and business scenarios. What should companies consider to get to a next level of S&OP? Supply chain consultancy Involvation and Supply Chain Movement…

S&OP IBP Special Magazine

All you need to know about S&OP-IBP, compiled for you in a beautiful magazine; doesn’t that sound wonderful? Please fill out the form below to receive this special. We advise you not to wait too long, as it is a limited edition. [gravityform id="23" title="true" description="true"]

Factory Gate Pricing

Factory Gate Pricing is receiving a lot of attention. Strictly speaking it is a name for a mechanism to determine the price of goods, without taking into account transportation costs. Traditionally this is known as ‘ex factory’ (or ‘ex works’). However, the term has a much broader meaning. Factory Gate Pricing is about reversing control: the retailer…

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