From S&OP to IBP

Deze training die in samenwerking met RSM wordt georganiseerd, wordt alleen in het Engels gegeven.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) are back on the radar. As key processes, S&OP/IBP link an organisations’ corporate strategy plan with daily operations plans. The fundamentals are easy to understand, but implementation is more than the technical aspects. You need a clear understanding of your company’s current status and ambition.

Do you want to develop or improve your S&OP process? Take it to the next level with IBP.

  • Highly ineractive workshop with three-day business simulation
  • Latest insights and best practices in S&OP/IBP implementation
  • Learn how to align KPIs of your process that support your organisations’ strategy
  • Create improvement plan for S&OP/IBP decision making
  • Gain insight in human behaviour and stakeholder management

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