Supply Chain Strategy & Design

Time for a new strategy

Are your results disappointing? Is your supply chain out of alignment with your company strategy? Are you convinced that your supply chain could contribute to better business performance? If so, it’s time to review your supply chain strategy and design.

Unravelling complexity

Before you can devise a successful strategy, you first need to understand all the factors that have an impact on whether you will achieve your objectives. You also need a clear focus, and must not allow yourself to become distracted by supply chain complexity. Perhaps you are baffled by how to offer even better service without reducing your profitability. We are on hand to offer you support and guidance. We enjoy nothing more than unravelling complexity to get to the heart of the matter. By looking at things differently, and thinking differently. And by daring to challenge accepted logic and ideas.

Supply chain strategy

Once we have deciphered your supply chain, we can help you to manage its complexity. Which aspects of the complexity are necessary or beneficial, and which are not? How can you eliminate the ‘bad complexity’ and focus on the ‘good complexity’ by making better use of the time and capacity you have available? In answering these questions, we often present you with surprisingly simple solutions. These result in a crystal-clear supply chain strategy based on an integrated approach to processes, management, information and organisation . We have developed a unique approach which of course also includes – whenever relevant or necessary – application of principles such as lean, TOC, CCPM and QRM. We are happy to help you implement a new strategy.

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