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Implementation of IT strategy for trading company Limako

Limako Suiker BV (a 100% subsidiary of the Cosun Beet Company) is an international trading company that imports and exports high-quality sugar. The business prides itself on offering its customers tailor-made solutions. Both the trading activities and the logistics activities require an operation with a high service level and lots of flexibility.

In a previous project, Involvation worked together with the Limako management team to decide how digitalization should contribute to further improving the future service offering. This resulted in a roadmap for the future IT landscape. The first step in the roadmap is to implement an ERP Trade solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Involvation is now working together with the Limako team on vendor selection and to clearly define the scope and approach for the implementation.

Zijderlaan takes next step in professionalization

Zijderlaan is a third-generation family business that provides a complete range of transport & logistics services for clients in agriculture, construction and manufacturing. As part of the ongoing focus on its customers and its services, Zijderlaan is expanding its activities relating to transport, warehousing, trade and supply chain management, many of which are performed in-house. Besides this, sustainability, technological advancement and quality all play a key role at the company.

Zijderlaan has enlisted Involvation’s help to further professionalize its planning and organization. To provide optimal support, Involvation is drawing on its knowledge and experience of a holistic approach to business strategy, customer segmentation, organization, process improvements and setting up a decision-making framework for the medium-term horizon (S&OP).

Involvation has been asked to provide guidance – from concept to implementation – across a variety of topics during this consultancy project.

Help with ICT integration after Denkavit and Nutrifeed acquisition

Denkavit is a leading specialist in young animal nutrition, with a particular focus on the healthy growth of veal calves, rearing calves, piglets and lambs. On 1 July 2021, Denkavit acquired the Veghel-based company Nutrifeed. With 60 years of expertise and sales activities in 65 countries worldwide, Nutrifeed produces high-quality feed for the early stages of animal growth based largely on dairy by-streams. This acquisition will enable Denkavit to further expand its global market position in young animal nutrition.

Denkavit has asked Involvation to support the ICT integration of both companies. Involvation will focus primarily on the supply chain processes such as S&OP, order processing and supply planning. Over the coming months, business analysis and gap analysis will be conducted as the basis for designing the new situation.

Marlink is preparing to improve its supply chain management

The Marlink Group is the world’s leading provider of end-to-end managed connectivity and IT solutions. Based on over 25 years of experience in providing quality, high-speed maritime VSAT services, Marlink Maritime empowers day-to-day business operations for shipping and tanker companies, cruise lines, ferries, yachts and fishing boats.

Fundamentally, Marlink is an internet provider for users at remote locations. Its activities to supply and install the equipment – such as antennas and modems – needed to establish connections are basically just enablers for that connectivity.

Speed of response and cost control of the physical supply chain are essential to optimally support the business. Marlink has asked Involvation to conduct a quick scan and to help develop a road map to build the required supply chain capabilities.

Knauf Insulation optimizes European value chain

Knauf Insulation is part of Knauf, an internationally operating family company and a leading supplier of high-quality plasterboard, injection moulding and insulation materials. Knauf Insulation manufactures products including wood wool insulation panels.

In view of the availability of production capacity abroad creating economies of scale, the company has decided to change its wood wool production facility in the Dutch town of Oosterhout into a logistics hub.

Involvation is helping Knauf and its supply chain partners to make a smooth transition to the new solution, which comprises new inbound product flows and new warehouse functionalities.

It is essential that the implementation of this project does not disrupt customer deliveries. The goal is to improve the efficiency of the European value chain.

O’Neill takes next step in supply chain flexibility

O’Neill, the original California surf, snow and lifestyle brand, strives to inspire people and empower them to do what they love doing most. A fast, flexible and reliable supply chain is indispensable in this approach, which is why O’Neill is continuously looking for ways to improve its supply chain performance. O’Neill recently asked Involvation for support in redefining its supply chain strategy and realizing the supply chain design.

Paques strives for a leaner value chain

Paques helps companies to reduce their water footprint and carbon footprint and to reclaim valuable resources. Paques’ anaerobic water purification systems produce energy (biogas) from wastewater, whilst purifying the water and facilitating water reuse.

As the marketplace has become increasingly competitive over the years, it has become more important to strengthen the grip on costs and lead times. The engineering process that precedes the production and assembly plays an important role, as is the case with most engineer-to-order chains.

Involvation performed a quick scan during February/March and reported its findings. These formed the basis for the development of a new blueprint of the desired value chain and the control concept.

As a result, Involvation is helping Paques to create a total chain that is not only faster, but also more reliable and more efficient.

Professional supply chain management at Enexis

Through a network of cables and pipelines, Enexis provides 2.7 million households in the north, east and south of the Netherlands with electricity and natural gas so that people can live and work comfortably. To enable this, Enexis maintains its existing network, builds new parts and develops sustainable and future proof solutions. Service and reliability are key.

To attain high service and reliability levels, Enexis is further professionalising its supply chain management activities. To serve its customers better, Enexis strives for short lead times whilst maintaining high efficiency. This can be achieved by ensuring that both materials and employees are available in the right place at the right time. To be proactive, with Involvation’s help, Enexis is introducing Enexis-wide tactical planning with a horizon of at least 18 months. Efficiency will be improved by strengthening and developing operational planning at Enexis’ 10 sites throughout the country. As a result, business partners and customers alike can continue to depend on Enexis.

Redesign Supply Chain Concept Thesis Group

The Thesis Group is a group of companies that are active in het trade and production of products in the agricultural business. The mission is to provide growers with sustainable solutions for the growth of their crops. Hereto, Thesis offers products and advice on the application of liquid and solid fertilizers, crop control products and plant packaging. Next to that, they have a range of divers products including personal protection materials, cleaning products and tying materials.

Thesis  continuously works on improving its products and services. To facilitate the expected growth in the upcoming years, Thesis has asked Involvation to assist in improving and shaping its supply chain concept. Important attention points are the optimization of the logistics footprint, the planning processes and the organizational supply chain design.

Grid operators review smart meter chain

The coming years smart meters will be rolled out in the Netherlands. Four grid operators have decided to jointly review the smart meter supply chain in an integral fashion. The expectations are that by cooperation between all chain partners including suppliers and contractors many benefits can be obtained for all parties involved. The cooperating grid operators have asked Involvation to support them during design and realization.

Tomra professionalizes RVM supply chain

Tomra is world market leader in reverse vending machines (RVM). To stay ahead of future developments Tomra is continuously developing its supply chain. Tomra has  asked Involvation to support them to further professionalize their supply chain.

Walraven reviews supply chain concept

The Walraven Group, with its headquarters in Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, is an internationally active enterprise with its own production facilities and sales offices in various countries. Walraven products are used by tens of thousands of installation companies in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Availability is very important for its customers. Therefore Walraven is continuously working on supply chain improvements. Walraven has asked Involvation to help reviewing the current supply chain concept.

Daelmans Banket optimizes its supply chain

Daelmans Banket produces caramel waffles, coconut pastry, cakes and speculaas biscuits and is a leading manufacturer in the Dutch national and international cakes and pastry industry. In three production facilities pastry is manufactured for national and international private labels.

Daelmans continuously works on improving its products and service. To facilitate the expected growth in the upcoming years, Daelmans has asked Involvation to assist in improving and shaping its supply chain.

2 Sisters Storteboom redesigns Supply Chain Organization

2 Sisters Storteboom B.V. is a division of the UK based 2 Sisters Food Group Ltd., a major diversified UK and European food company supplying Poultry, Red Meat, Fish, Chilled, Bakery and Frozen products to the retail, food service and food manufacturing sectors.

2 Sisters Storteboom continuously addresses the improvement of her customer service. With her relative long throughput times and short shelf lifes, a professional supply chain management is a premise for success. After assisting 2 Sisters Storteboom with setting the next step in supply chain management, 2 Sisters Storteboom has asked Involvation for support with the redesign of her Supply Chain Organization.

Liander improves productivity mechanics

Liander is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the electricity and gas network in a large part of The Netherlands. Her mechanics are a key component in these processes. A reliable availability of tools and materials is essential for an optimal deployment of these mechanics. Liander has asked Involvation to collaborate in the efforts for improving the availability of tools and materials for her mechanics.


A new supply chain strategy

Bavaria, a beer brewer of Dutch origin, is active in over 120 countries spread across the globe with great success. In order to help Bavaria achieve their ambitious future plans, Involvation has helped to design a new Supply Chain Strategy in 2012. This new strategy is now being implemented in 2013. Involvation has been asked to stay closely involved in the implementation projects that are currently being executed.

Revision supply chain control

Involvation was asked by Hessing Supervers, specialist in vegetables and fruit, to inspect and redesign the way the entire supply chain was controlled. Designing the new way to control the supply chain is done by finding answers to questions like: which decisions are required with which horizon, detail, and frequency? What is required to make these decisions? In the supply chain control design extra attention is given to forecasting methods.

Supply of ammunition

DMunB supplies all ammunition used by the army, navy and air force. They are responsible for this task in both times of peace and times of war. DMunB has asked Involvation for support in the process to centralize the control over the ammunition chain that is used by all companies under the Ministry of Defence.

Weir Minerals updates its spare parts management concept

After years of sustained growth, spare parts management has become an important activity within Weir Minerals. Weir’s high-quality pumps are used around the world in key industrial sectors such as mining, and they are always business-critical. Therefore, together with Involvation, the company embarked on an initiative to further professionalise its spare parts management.

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