Jeroen Scheepers

Jeroen Scheepers Involvation

After studying Business Administration in Eindhoven and Rotterdam, Jeroen Scheepers held various management positions within Koninklijke Jongeneel, CB Logistics and DHL Global Mail. In 2008 he made the switch to business consultancy where he further developed in the field of supply chain management, change management and business transformation. Jeroen works for Involvation since 2011. 

As partner of Involvation he is involved in a large number of supply chain improvement projects in the field of supply chain management and business transformation. Jeroen specialized in supply chain strategy, Integrated Business Planning (S&OP and IBP), supply chain resilience and change management. Jeroen prefers to work with organizations that want to take the next step in their supply chain maturity and related organizational development. 

Jeroen lives in Zeist (NL), is married and has a son and a daughter.


It is far better to be approximately right, than precisely wrong
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