Interim & Project Management

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes to help them take the decisive step from challenge to lasting results. We are driven by a single purpose: to make supply chains better. We have many years of experience in interim management and project management: Involvation IM.

Today’s companies continually have to respond to a changing landscape and changing demands while also providing customer value, and interim professionals play an important role. Flexible access to top-class talent is indispensable.

The need can arise when an employee leaves and the labour market shortage means that it takes longer than usual to replace them, or when you need someone to take charge of a temporary project or to implement a major change. If you’re looking for innovation or a new way forward, you can benefit from an outsider’s view. Top-class talent can be deployed in response to an autonomous need for interim support, or to complement consultancy.

For Interim Managers

We are always looking for new top-class professionals to enhance our existing network.

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For Clients

When you choose to work with interim professionals via Involvation IM, you are assured of consistently high-quality service and performance.

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