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Stryker Competency Framework

Stryker is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies and is active in over 100 countries. The company offers a diverse array of innovative products and services in Orthopaedics, Medical and Surgical, and Neuro technology and Spine. 2016 revenues amounted to approx. €10bn and the company is rapidly realising its growth ambition of €20bn in 2021. Stryker operates 41 factories and sells approx. 128,000 different products.

In order to further professionalise its new and centralised global Supply Planning function, Stryker asked Involvation to help develop a global competency and skills framework. Initially the framework will be used to identify the main training requirements per business unit. Over time the use will be extended towards personal development and learning programs, recruitment and the development of structured career paths.

The framework has been developed together with a small core team. It has been signed off and will be piloted in a number of business units early 2018.

Professionalizing supply chain processes by educating people

Wavin provides effective solutions for essential daily needs: safe distribution of gas and drinking water, sustainable rainwater and waste-water management, energy-efficient heating and cooling of buildings, and numerous electrical, telecom and industrial applications.

The supply chain is mainly organized locally, with each country planning and managing its own plants and warehouses. In view of this decentralized organizational structure, Wavin has launched a supply chain management learning program in order to ensure uniform working methods and the same high level of expertise in all countries.

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Developing the capabilities of planners across Europe

Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation; the company develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and processes in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. The group is present in over 40 countries and employs around 160,000 people.

For a number of plants in Europe, Schneider Electric is keen to understand the training requirements to bring its planners to the desired level in terms of supply chain knowledge and competencies. Involvation will conduct an assessment of the current situation among the planners concerned. The assessment will identify the training requirements both for conceptual supply chain knowledge and for SAP-related competencies. Schneider Electric has also asked Involvation to design a tailored learning programme based on the findings from the assessment.

SI Group is professionalizing their global Demand Planning process

SI Group is a leading global developer and manufacturer of chemical intermediates, specialty resins and solutions that are critical to the quality and performance of countless industrial and consumer goods.

After design and implementation of a standard global S&OP process, SI Group has asked Involvation to help them bring the Demand Planning process to the next level. The group of 10 Demand Planners and Analyst from all the regions, is taken through a learning program covering all aspects of Demand Planning. The learning program is a blend of eLearning, exercises, classroom training and on-the-job coaching. Based on the training and facilitated by Involvation, the group reviewed the existing processes and defined an improved way of working. Following this approach we ensured that real improvements were made by putting the “theoretical” learnings into practice.

Demand Planners and Analysts from all regions not only shared the same way of working now, but also feel empowered to improve the quality of the Demand Plan. And as a spin off, The Demand Planners together with experienced Consultants from Involvation will train the Sales Managers in their region on the new way of working with Demand Planning. This unique approach will bring Demand Planning in the whole organization to a higher level.

Danone Medical Nutrition invests in S&OP training

Danone is a European food company that with annual sales of € 21 billion is able to reach 900 million consumers around the world. Under the brand Nutricia, the division Medical Nutrition develops, produces and sells products for people who are weakened by illness or chronic conditions such as allergies. An example of this is an alternative drink for children who are allergic to cow’s milk. 60% of the activities of the division is dedicated to medical nutrition for seniors.

For approximately 60 employees from all over the world, Danone Medical Nutrition organizes a two-day Supply Chain Academy event on S&OP. Danone asked Involvation to help shape this program. Besides The Fresh Connection, to in an original way gain new insights and increase the understanding of interdependencies, workshops and an expert lecture are delivered on demand planning and IBP.

Fokker on the path towards Operational Excellence

Fokker Technologies is a leading global aerospace specialist that designs, develops and manufactures highly engineered aircraft systems for aircraft manufacturers and provides aircraft fleet support services. Fokker Aerostructures produces light weight subsets and parts at locations in The Netherlands (Hoogeveen and Papendrecht) and Mexico.

To improve the availability of raw materials, components and parts, an operation Excellence Program is initiated. As part of this Program Involvation delivers a two day training course for operational buyers and planners to raise awareness of the importance of communication and collaboration. Involvation’s program is based on serious gaming, since allowing people to experience new concepts and explore ideas for themselves is an extremely effective method. Three serious games are used: Supply Chain Game, Risk Game and The Fresh Connection.

Aliaxis pilots The Value Chain Academy

The Aliaxis Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of primarily plastic fluid handling systems used in residential and commercial construction, as well as in industrial and public infrastructure applications. The company is present in over 40 countries, has more than 100 manufacturing and commercial entities and employs 15.700 people.

Aliaxis wants to further improve the service offering to its customers and simultaneously reduce working capital and increase production efficiencies. They have concluded that people development and state-of-the-art processes will be essential enablers. Aliaxis has therefore asked Involvation to run a series of pilots with The Value Chain Academy, covering Supply Chain Management, S&OP, Inventory Management and Production Planning. If successful, the program will be rolled out globally.

Nissan Motor Parts trains planners

Nissan Motor Parts Europe serves the after market in EMEA with original Nissan accessories and spare parts. Therefore it has listed over hundred active parts. The majority of these parts can be qualified as slow mover.

To guarantee service levels while at the same time control costs and working capital Nissan is continuously looking for ways to improve. As part of this process Nissan has asked Involvation to train the inventory planners.

Defense Ammunition Company (DMunB) creates buy-in

DMunB is the supplier of the overall package of ammunition for the Dutch Army, both in operational and in peace situations. With the support of Involvation, DMunB has designed a new and optimized supply chain footprint. In order to get the organization’s essential buy-in, DMunB subsequently asked Involvation to facilitate a roadshow using Involvation’s Supply Chain Management Game, in which the participants will experience the benefits of the new concept.

Professional Inventory Management, the next step

In plant P1 photo paper is produced. The P1 Logistics department wanted to make a next step in improving their inventory management. Apart from the drive to improve, management imposed a challenging working capital target reduction. In the previous years the Logistics team had already made a big improvement in lowering inventory levels. Now they wanted to investigate how to reduce the inventories even more without harming service level. The main question was which inventory management techniques are applicable at FUJIFILM.

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Development Supply Chain Campus

Raising the Supply Chain knowledge of the entire organization. That was the question Henkel Adhesives asked Involvation. Involvation developed a modular Supply Chain Campus for the Henkel organization.

After successful pilots the roll-out in Western Europe started. After that, training courses were given in Argentina, Brazil, China, Chili, Dubai, Mexico, Russia and Turkey.

Training programme

John Deere is one of the largest suppliers of agricultural machinery in the world. A two day pilot program was held at the global headquarters of John Deere with The Fresh Connection, the ultimate value experience.

Unilever hosts TFC for 150 professionals

Every year Unilever Benelux hosts a two day supply chain event with their complete team. Sharing information and teambuilding are central topics during these days.
The Fresh Connection turned out to perfectly match these goals: gaining new insights in an original way, and increasing the understanding of interdependencies. During the first shared session it was shown that the 150 people could take joint control over The Fresh Connection by means of a voting session. Afterwards the group was split into smaller teams that all competed to form the most optimal supply chain. Unilever complimented Involvation on the way they helped a large and diverse group of professionals gain new insights in a fun and quick way. It is no surprise that the participants evaluated the session to be a big success.

Police illustrates classical tradeoffs

The Dutch Police association for collaboration (vtsPN) was founded to join the forces of the police and their partners in safety and order. Within the vtsPN the unit Logistics and Distribution is responsible for equipment and uniform delivery of the entire Dutch Police force. An extensive set of products is managed, varying from uniform clothing to means of personal protection. Of course the classical tradeoff between service and cost plays an important role here. To illustrate tradeoffs and emphasize the collaboration between various parties in the chain, a workshop was organized by Involvation. Members of the Unit Logistics and Distribution played several rounds of the in-company version of The Fresh Connection. Afterwards there was a discussion which focused on how the obtained knowledge can be applied in everyday situations.

Continental learns and strengthens its teams

The Automotive Group by Continental is one of the leading automotive suppliers. Continental AG organized the Global Logistics Automotive Managers Meeting. Logistic- and supply chain managers from all over the world gathered for a two day program with speaches by their leaders, worskhops, networking and so on. Involvation facilitated most of the program with the supply chain training tool The Fresh Connection, the ultimate value experience. Working in teams of four the participants were challenged to design a corporate strategy and set business goals, develop tools to turn strategy into action, manage tradeoffs and set up a structured decision process like Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). The high degree of interactivity, combined with good support lead to positive feedback. Continental indicated that they had an amazing teambuilding experience with many learning benefits, and that it was very fun to do as well.

Technische Unie: is inventory management a game of chance?

The inventory management department and the trading department are responsible for placing the majority of Technische Unie’s orders at its suppliers. The orders are based on an estimation of the coming period’s sales. Because the quantities ordered for many of the items are intended to last for the whole month, purchases need to think 8 weeks ahead in the case of a 4-week lead time. This makes it seem like a game of chance.

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Sara Lee – learning by experience

With the aid of a supply chain management training programme built around e-learning and six workshop sessions, Sara Lee intended to move towards value stream excellence. The workshops were aimed at strengthening the supply chain community within Sara Lee, providing knowledge about Sara Lee’s supply chain and encouraging the passion for the supply chain management discipline to be shared.

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Coolmark – On-the-job inventory management training

Despite high stock levels, the service level was lower than desired. The company suspected that the inventory did not contain the right balance of product lines. Several areas for improvement, such as focusing on proactive inventory management, making use of differentiated management parameters, and measuring both the input and the output of the process were revealed. The choice for on-the-job training created a unique combination of increasing each employee’s theoretical knowledge and directly applying it to their specific situation.

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Ship-building simulation with Damen

Damen asked Involvation to support its change management with the aid of a business simulation. In addition to classic learning through listening, the company was keen to use a business simulation because research shows that this active form of learning is an effective way of getting across complex material. Damen chose Involvation because of the organisation’s experience in developing business simulations, such as its well-known “The Fresh Connection” management game.

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