Consultancy & ImplementationConsultancy & Implementation

To stay ahead of your competitors, you’ll have to outsmart them. But how? How should the optimal supply chain be designed and/or managed? Join Involvation in discovering new possibilities. There are plenty out there, we’re in no doubt about that, and we’ll go in search of them together. We will help you to improve the design and management of your supply chain, from consultancy through to implementation.

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Learning & DevelopmentLearning & Development

Do you want to improve your supply chain? Do you want to execute a new strategy successfully? The people within your organisation play a crucial role in this. Before you can achieve the desired results, you need them to gain the relevant knowledge, embrace your ideas, share your beliefs and understand new concepts. Which is why, as a consultancy firm for both advice and implementation, we focus strongly on learning and development.

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Interim & Project ManagementInterim & Project Management

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes to help them take the decisive step from challenge to lasting results. We are driven by a single purpose: to make supply chains better. We have many years of experience in interim management and project management: Involvation IM.

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Who is Involvation

Involvation is a consultancy and implementation firm that is focused on improving the supply chain and its management. We help all manner of organisations, large and small, to take the decisive step: the step from the challenge to a sustainable result. We do so by drawing inspiration from the possibilities we see, by looking just that little bit further. By not allowing ourselves to become distracted by details and symptoms. By making things as simple as possible, but not simpler. Let’s pinpoint the essence of your situation together, and achieve your goals! What’s your particular objective?

  • Organising things more efficiently
  • Improving results
  • Aligning supply chain and strategy
  • Turning your supply chain into a success factor

That is Involvation. Driven by possibilities.

Our professionals

Nothing beats knowing that the client is proud of the results you've accomplished together.
Peter Tielemans, principal consultant

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