Supply Chain ResilienceSupply Chain Resilience

For lasting business success, supply chain resilience needs to become part of your organisation’s DNA. The ability to thrive in the face of unprecedented disruption starts with granular knowledge of your supply chain. Its design and behaviours and — vitally — its levels of collaboration and agility. This primes making informed trade-off decisions that are central to supply chain resilience.

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Sales and Operations PlanningSales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) gives businesses a tactical edge: deepening market insights, balancing supply and demand and adapting finances accordingly.

Shaping a planning process and actionable strategy in parallel, S&OP positions your people — from supply chain to sales — to stop firefighting and cultivate a proactive mindset.

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Learning & DevelopmentLearning & Development

Do you want to improve your supply chain? Do you want to execute a new strategy successfully? The people within your organisation play a crucial role in this. Before you can achieve the desired results, you need them to gain the relevant knowledge, embrace your ideas, share your beliefs and understand new concepts. Which is why, as a consultancy firm for both advice and implementation, we focus strongly on learning and development.

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Digital PlanningDigital Planning

Digital planning is such a new topic offering so many possibilities that it can be difficult to know where to start. The gap between the businesses that work with digital planning and those that don’t is widening day by day. But how can you get your digital planning transformation journey underway?

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Interim & Project ManagementInterim & Project Management

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes to help them take the decisive step from challenge to lasting results. We are driven by a single purpose: to make supply chains better. We have many years of experience in interim management and project management: Involvation IM.

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Supply Chain Strategy & DesignSupply Chain Strategy & Design

Are your results disappointing? Is your supply chain out of alignment with your company strategy? Are you convinced that your supply chain could contribute to better business performance? If so, it’s time to review your supply chain strategy and design.

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Our assignments

Our case studies show how we have helped organisations, both large and small, to take the decisive step: the step from the challenge to the result, inspired by the surprising possibilities we identified.

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