Rexel improves supply chain and optimizes inventory management

Rexel Nederland B.V. is part of the Rexel Group, a global leader in the distribution of electrotechnical products and infrastructure for renewable energy. A flexible and reliable supply chain is indispensable in that industry, which is why Rexel is continually working to further improve its supply chain. Rexel recently asked Involvation for help with defining and implementing the next steps in this continuous improvement process. The first steps will be to optimize inventory management transportation management and differentiated service strategy and associated logistical services.

Knauf Insulation optimizes European value chain

Knauf Insulation is part of Knauf, an internationally operating family company and a leading supplier of high-quality plasterboard, injection moulding and insulation materials. Knauf Insulation manufactures products including wood wool insulation panels.

In view of the availability of production capacity abroad creating economies of scale, the company has decided to change its wood wool production facility in the Dutch town of Oosterhout into a logistics hub.

Involvation is helping Knauf and its supply chain partners to make a smooth transition to the new solution, which comprises new inbound product flows and new warehouse functionalities.

It is essential that the implementation of this project does not disrupt customer deliveries. The goal is to improve the efficiency of the European value chain.

SIG reduces its European inventory levels

SIG Air Handling develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art air handling systems through 100 sales locations in 12 different countries. The portfolio consists of 15,000 different products, which are partly distributed directly and partly assembled to customer specifications. The company is part of SIG plc, a leading supplier in air technology, interior finishing, façades and insulation.

SIG Air Handling targets to structurally reduce its European inventory levels by 10-20%, by optimising the planning processes, adapting the supply chain organisation where necessary, run a training program to improve planning skills and investigate whether the planning tools need to be upgraded. The company has asked Involvation to support her with this extensive program.

Lead time reliability improvement with De RuwBouw Groep

With her brands Calduran Kalkzandsteen, Heembeton and Dycore Vloeren, De RuwBouw Groep (formerly CRH Structural) offers all ingredients for integral concrete construction solutions. As supplier in the construction industry it is essential to be able to deliver according to customer specification exactly at the moment required. In the construction industry however, both specification and requested date are often unknown in the earlier stages of a project. Flexibility is therefore a prerequisite. This flexibility should of course not be achieved at the expense of efficiency.

De RuwBouw Groep continuously works on improving her supply chain. To facilitate even better services to her customers, De RuwBouw Groep has asked Involvation to assist in improving and shaping its supply chain set up and control.

Professionalizing supply chain processes by educating people

Wavin provides effective solutions for essential daily needs: safe distribution of gas and drinking water, sustainable rainwater and waste-water management, energy-efficient heating and cooling of buildings, and numerous electrical, telecom and industrial applications.

The supply chain is mainly organized locally, with each country planning and managing its own plants and warehouses. In view of this decentralized organizational structure, Wavin has launched a supply chain management learning program in order to ensure uniform working methods and the same high level of expertise in all countries.

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Technische Unie: is inventory management a game of chance?

he inventory management department and the trading department are responsible for placing the majority of Technische Unie’s orders at its suppliers. The orders are based on an estimation of the coming period’s sales. Because the quantities ordered for many of the items are intended to last for the whole month, purchases need to think 8 weeks ahead in the case of a 4-week lead time. This makes it seem like a game of chance.

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