The Value Chain Academy

TVCA_logo+payoffWe believe that the only way for companies to prepare for the future is through enabling its people. Enabling the development of its employees is the key to create business value.

Enabled employees will help to speed up the improvement pace, will help to manage trade-offs and tensions and will help to keep the improvement going. An environment of enabled employees will also help to attract and keep the right people.
Therefore The Value Chain Academy is initiated by Involvation, together with Inchainge, CrossKnowledge and Krauthammer.

The Value Chain Academy offers a complete set of learnings covering all supply chain activities, from operational to strategic level. We tailor to individual needs using building blocks like eLearning, classroom training, simulations and coaching. Development of programs and paths are aligned with current and future needs.

For global sales and delivery of The Value Chain Academy we work with partners in different continents across the globe. Consistency and standardisation of the concept, both in quality and content, is the driver for this cooperation.


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