How we work

From the essence to success

Analysing the challenge, formulating the objective, choosing a direction, charting a path – all of these aspects are crucial. But your project can only truly be called a success when you have actually taken the decisive step and achieved your goal. And that is exactly where our focus lies at Involvation: on visible results. We are a consultancy firm that provides both advice and implementation. Helped by Involvation, you’ll not only discover unexpected opportunities in your supply chain, but also capitalise on them!

The essence and the details

We focus on the main issue. Or rather: the essence. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know how to cut through the complexity of your supply chain to pinpoint the essence. That gives you a clearer perspective on your challenge and offers useful starting points for new business strategies.
At the same time, we also focus on the details. (It’s impossible to turn plans into action without them.) We can simulate the consequences of intended decisions and analyse them down to the finer points. There’s no part of your supply chain that our experts cannot optimise!

Shaping change

But the main issues, and even the details, are not the only things that determine whether you will succeed in realising improvements. Every supply chain is also built on people’s ideas, beliefs, assumptions and competencies. That’s why you will benefit from the extensive experience of our programme managers and project managers – each of them professionals who help you to create openness, to make it possible to discuss shortcomings and to develop skills. This builds a foundation for change in the only way that really lasts: from within.

Hands-on senior consultants

For us, collaboration is key. Working with you to shape projects; allowing solutions to evolve, together. Ideally, we prefer to work in small teams that involve between two and five of our consultants. All of our consultants are senior consultants. After completing their studies, they have all gained considerable hands-on experience in various industries before making the conscious decision to join Involvation. They enjoy working with ambitious clients who are ready to take the next step.

That is Involvation. Driven by possibilities.

It is very difficult to predict, especially the future
Niels Bohr