Energy & Utilities

Grid operators review smart meter chain

The coming years smart meters will be rolled out in the Netherlands. Four grid operators have decided to jointly review the smart meter supply chain in an integral fashion. The expectations are that by cooperation between all chain partners including suppliers and contractors many benefits can be obtained for all parties involved. The cooperating grid operators have asked Involvation to support them during design and realization.

Professional supply chain management at Enexis

Through a network of cables and pipelines, Enexis provides 2,7 million households in the north, east and south of the Netherlands with electricity and natural gas. This enables them to live and work comfortably. To enable this, Enexis maintains her existing network, builds new parts and develops sustainable and future proof solutions. Service and reliability are key.
To obtain high service and reliability levels, Enexis is introducing more professional supply chain management. To serve her customers better, Enexis strives for short lead times whilst maintaining high efficiciency. This can be achieved by ensuring both materials and employees to be available at the right time at the right place. To be pro-active, with the help of Involvation Enexis is introducing Enexis-wide tactical planning with a horizon of minimally 18 months. Efficiency will be improved by strengthening and developing operational planning within Enexis’ 10 sites throughout the country. In this way, Enexis is reliable for both business partners and our customers.

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got
Albert Einstein