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Interim managers have the objective perspective of an outsider, yet they get to grips with your organisation’s situation and activities so quickly that it soon feels like they belong. Not only that, but our highly talented professionals have many years of supply chain management experience combined with a wealth of interim & project management experience. We work with them to make a real difference, by making your supply chain performance better. And interim & project management has accounted for around 25% of Involvation’s annual revenue right from the start, so we clearly have substantial experience in this field.

How do we make a real difference?

Experience: Our interim managers & project managers have the necessary experience to tackle your challenge – they understand both the supply chain and the management aspects. We know them well and support their further advancement by sharing knowledge and skills. Before joining us they undergo a thorough screening procedure so that we deploy only the very best talent. So we don’t have to search, we just make the best match between your requirements and our interim managers.

Focus: Our interim managers & project managers have a solid supply chain focus and can be deployed throughout the whole of the Benelux region.

A fair price: Needless to say, you won’t find our interim managers anywhere else because we work only with top-class talent – and that comes at a certain price. However, we regard it as a ‘mid-term’ price for high-end talent.

Engagement: In support of the strong engagement of our interim professionals themselves, at Involvation we help them to continuously develop their supply chain expertise and we act as a sounding board for them, as the basis for building a long-term relationship with you.


Needless to say, we’re happy to arrange an appointment to visit you and discuss the possibilities.


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