Who we are

Improving the supply chain

Involvation is a consultancy and implementation firm that is focused on improving the supply chain and its management. In doing so, we are driven by possibilities. Our case studies show how we have helped organisations, both large and small, to take the decisive step: the step from the challenge to the result, inspired by the surprising possibilities we identified. Because that is what characterises us: we firmly believe that your supply chain offers potential for improvement. Especially if you are willing to join us in pinpointing the essence of the situation – without becoming distracted by details, symptoms and day-to-day operations.

Supporting you with advice and implementation

Companies sometimes capitalise on their opportunities thanks to a new strategy or a redesign of their supply chain. In other cases, optimising inventory management, forecasting or production management can be the key to success. We support you in both identifying and taking the next step – whatever that may be. Improve the robustness of your organisation! What’s your particular objective?

  • Improving results.
  • Aligning supply chain and strategy.
  • Turning the supply chain into a success factor.
  • Organising things more efficiently.
  • ….

That is Involvation. Driven by possibilities.

It is far better to be approximately right, than precisely wrong
Carveth Read