Experiential learning

Experiencing and exploring

Imagine, you have devised a new strategy and decided to execute it within your organisation. To ensure successful implementation, it is important that your employees understand the new concept. How can you achieve that effectively?

You could of course share your insights with your team through a PowerPoint presentation. But serious gaming takes you a step further, and delivers significantly better results. Allowing your employees to experience new concepts and explore ideas for themselves is an extremely effective method! It enables you to influence not only their knowledge but also their attitudes and behaviour. The game makes the impact and results of their decisions immediately visible.

It is fantastic to see what your team can learn in just half a day thanks to serious gaming. Exploit the educational power of a game – because your business is certainly not child’s play.

The Fresh Connection

The ultimate value chain experience

As a supply chain management team, playing The Fresh Connection business game provides you with a wealth of experience. Collaboration, both internally and within the supply chain, is the key to success. Supply chain management forms the basis for healthy profit. It is essential to keep an eye on the ever-changing environment.

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Supply Chain Management Game

Supply Chain GameAs a (logistics) manager, you face countless choices – at strategic, tactical and/or operational level. Centralised or decentralised organisational structure? Close to home or further afield? Direct or indirect sales? Push or pull? Make to stock or make to order? The Supply Chain Game allows you to explore the various options risk-free!

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The Cool Connection

Experience the power of Integrated Business Planning

Experience how the physical and financial value chains can be bridged. After implementing effective working capital management, you will realise a powerful company-wide planning process with the Integrated Business Planning variant.

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Production Management Game

Your manufacturing environment is a dynamic one. Sounds familiar? Customers placing rush orders. Production lines battling with technical problems. Suppliers delivering late. How can you create more stability? How can you increase delivery reliability while reducing costs? How can you balance supply and demand?

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Spare Parts Management Game

You often cannot put a value on spare parts: if the right ones are not available at the crucial moment, your machine or even the entire factory can grind to a halt. Therefore, when managing spare parts, you look at your choices in a different light.

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Supply Chain Risk Game

How vulnerable is your supply chain? And which risks do you need to take into consideration? Supply chain risk management continues to gain in importance. Outsourcing, concentration, globalisation, international transparency and ultra-fast information transfer are all increasing the vulnerability of your supply chain.

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Serious games made to measure

Is your organisation facing major changes? Do you want to prepare your team for the introduction of new strategies, concepts or working methods? And do you want to build a stronger team spirit at the same time? If so, serious gaming is an excellent solution that delivers surprising results.

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