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Mediq takes next step in S&OP

Mediq is an important player in the healthcare sector with offices in 13 European countries. The company is convinced that a solid S&OP process is essential to continue managing its growth in the current, volatile market effectively. The existing process was successfully introduced several years ago, and Mediq’s ambition is to further develop this towards state-of-the-art IBP. As a first step in this initiative, Mediq has asked Involvation to conduct a formal assessment of the current process, including recommendations to realise this ambition.

Improving visibility of goods flows for the Dutch National Consortium for Medical Aids (LCH)

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for medical aids and personal protective equipment for use in caring for coronavirus sufferers. To avoid each individual healthcare institution having to struggle to buy such resources in the international market, the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport worked with a team of professionals from hospitals, academic centres, suppliers and producers to set up a joint initiative, called the ‘Landelijk Consortium Hulpmiddelen (LCH)’ [Dutch National Consortium for Medical Aids]. The aim of this consortium is to purchase medical aids and equipment in the national interest, both jointly and on a non-profit basis.

Involvation was asked by LCH to analyse whether the planned flow of goods would be sufficient to meet the expected demand. Involvation started by assessing the supply of materials produced in the Netherlands and of those purchased in Asia/the rest of Europe. In addition, Involvation helped to determine the needs of the various institutions (hospitals, nursing homes, general practitioners, physiotherapists, etc.). The resulting data is now being used as input for reporting to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Smarter inventory management at Medeco

Medeco is a leading supplier of consumables and equipment and related disposables in healthcare.
Product availability is of course of great importance to Medeco. At the same time it is essential to control her inventory and costs. Now Medeco is ready to make a next step in professionalizing its inventory management. For selected suppliers Medeco will review current arrangements and processes to find smarter ways to ensure availability. Medeco has asked Involvation for support in this.

Project management: scheduling process standardization

MSD strives to make the world a healthier place. With innovative medicines, vaccines, biological therapies and services for doctors and patients, MSD offers treatments for better human and animal health in over 140 countries. MSD in Oss has asked Involvation to manage the project of work process standardization for the schedulers in its factories.

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