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Trading company Limako well prepared for more volatility

Limako Suiker BV is an international trading company that imports and exports high-quality sugar and offers every customer a tailor-made approach. However, that approach combined with the logistics operation demands a high service level.

Since the EU’s export quota system for sugar ended in 2017, the market has become more volatile. Involvation is working together with Limako and its supply chain partners to analyse the impact of various market-development scenarios: how can the company capitalize on market growth? The aim of this project is to improve the management and the agility of the end-to-end supply chain for sugar export.

Manufacturing and transport planning software for CNC

CNC is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of compost and substrates for mushroom growing. The Dutch facilities of CNC are located in Milsbeek, Moerdijk and Ammerzoden.
CNC is replacing its current enterprise software. Due to the complexity of the manufacturing and transportation planning, a specialized software solution is required. CNC has asked Involvation to assist in the selection process.

Redesign Supply Chain Concept Thesis Group

The Thesis Group is a group of companies that are active in het trade and production of products in the agricultural business. The mission is to provide growers with sustainable solutions for the growth of their crops. Hereto, Thesis offers products and advice on the application of liquid and solid fertilizers, crop control products and plant packaging. Next to that, they have a range of divers products including personal protection materials, cleaning products and tying materials.

Thesis  continuously works on improving its products and services. To facilitate the expected growth in the upcoming years, Thesis has asked Involvation to assist in improving and shaping its supply chain concept. Important attention points are the optimization of the logistics footprint, the planning processes and the organizational supply chain design.

Trading company Limako ready for growth

Limako Suiker BV is an international trading company that exports and imports high-quality sugar. Limako offers a tailor-made solution for every customer, which requires an efficient and high-service operation. For that reason, Limako Suiker decided 2 years ago to implement a new ERP software system.
In view of the abolition of the export quota system for sugar in the EU in 2017, Limako wants to prepare for growth and further optimise its business processes. Over the past months, Involvation has worked closely together with the Limako team to define the priorities and create a roadmap.The implementation of this roadmap will lead to a more real-time view on trading positions and a reduction of the workload in logistics.

S&OP process supports Denkavit’s growth

Denkavit is a leading specialist in young animal nutrition, with a particular focus on the healthy growth of veal calves, rearing calves, piglets and lambs. Denkavit has two production facilities – one in the Netherlands and one in France – as well as sales offices in Germany and Italy. From the head office in the Dutch town of Voorthuizen, Denkavit products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. Over 60 years of knowledge and experience in the field of young animal nutrition form a solid basis for a balanced range of feed for young animals.
Denkavit invests heavily in research and development for new products and concepts and in its partnerships with suppliers and customers. The company has grown robustly over recent years. In order to facilitate this growth effectively, the supply chain management process is being further developed. Denkavit asked Involvation for help with developing and implementing the sales & operations planning (S&OP) process. As the first step in this project, the sales forecasting process is currently being set up.

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