For Interim Managers

Involvation IM is based on an exclusive network of self-employed supply chain professionals: a select group of freelancers who have earned their stripes in supply chain management. Within Involvation IM they have access to an exclusive network, unique projects and assignments, and the knowledge and experience of Involvation’s consultants. On each assignment, they work in close collaboration with a senior consultant from Involvation in order to maximise the benefits for our clients.

We are always looking for new top-class professionals to enhance our existing network.

However, before you can join our network we really want to get to know you properly. Through personal introductory sessions and structured information exchange, we gain a precise understanding of your ambitions, knowledge, experience and your preferred direction for further development. This ensures that you receive the most challenging and stimulating assignments within your specialist area, working for great clients and being paid a good rate.

Once you become a member of the network you gain access to the knowledge and experience of our own top-class professionals. In addition to allocating a ‘sparring partner’ to you for each project, we regularly organise informative sessions that are either knowledge-related or aimed at giving you new inspiration. These sessions also enable you to get to know other members of Involvation’s exclusive network of top-class supply chain professionals. This is an excellent opportunity for you to gather specialised knowledge that you can immediately use in practice and hence adds real value to your professional development.

‘The guardian’

Last but not least, we give you the opportunity to steer your own career thanks to our concept of ‘the guardian’. ‘The guardian’ is a personal coach who takes your interests seriously and ensures that you make the right choices. Needless to say, it is entirely up to you whether you take advantage of this opportunity. We will be happy to explain this concept to you further when we meet face to face.

The benefits of Involvation IM

  • Access to an exclusive network of top-class professionals
  • Challenging and stimulating assignments
  • A ‘sparring partner’ during each project
  • Regular inspiration sessions
  • A sense of belonging (both within Involvation and within the community of other interim professionals)
  • Opportunity for a career coach thanks to the concept of ‘the guardian’

That’s Involvation IM. Driven by possibilities.

Keen to know more?

Jeroen Scheepers Involvation

Get to know us better! Let’s explore whether we’re a good match and whether we can add value to each other’s supply chain management network. To take the first step, please send your up-to-date CV to

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Any questions? If so, please contact Jeroen Scheepers via +31 6 15 83 52 52.

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