Forecasting & Inventory Management

Improving service while reducing working capital

Accurate forecasting and optimal inventory management form the core of professional supply chain management, and hence of the challenges you face. You want to raise your service level while reducing your working capital. You want to safeguard customer satisfaction and respond rapidly to market demands. But how?

Integral approach

One thing is certain: it is essential to know what level of market demand you can expect, and to be aware of the impact of your sales and marketing plans on your supply chain. Forecasting and inventory management are the keys to success! We have developed an effective, integral approach to these topics based on our practical experience in various industries including FMCG, retail, pharmaceutical, chemical, assembly, etc. An integrated approach encompassing objectives, processes, planning models, system design, KPIs and the skills and knowledge of your employees. Our approach enables you to improve the reliability of your forecasts and optimise your stock levels.

Simulations offer insights

Modelling reality can be a big help in identifying potential or analysing various scenarios. In this case, we often make use of SimCurve, Involvation’s effective simulation tool that was developed in-house. This tool enables us to analyse and optimise complete product ranges.

Recognisably Involvation

When it comes to forecasting and inventory management, the Involvation approach is immediately recognisable. We supply you with an integral solution which we also help you to implement. We do not merely outline the ideal processes and present you with models. Instead, we also train your employees, for instance, or help you to select the right system for you.

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