Production & Process management

Your dilemmas and challenges

Managing your production activities undoubtedly involves uncertainty and variability, which makes it even more difficult to optimise your use of the available time and capacity. You face countless dilemmas and challenges: manufacturing costs are too high. Stock levels are too low. Supplies are often delivered too late. The master production schedule is inaccurate or unreliable. Should you make to order or make to stock? Would centralised or decentralised production planning be more effective? Should you introduce a rhythm wheel, or purchase an APS solution? And why have lean, six sigma and/or TPM not yet delivered the expected results?

Powerful strategy

At Involvation, we are happy to help you tackle the challenge of optimising your production management. We have developed a pragmatic approach for this purpose. Whenever relevant or necessary, we draw on management philosophies such as lean, TOC, CCPM and QRM. The result: a powerful strategy to enable you to manage your manufacturing activities efficiently, including a supply chain design encompassing processes, management, information and organisation . We not only provide you with advice, but also take care of the implementation.

Integral method

Uncertainty and variability will always be part of manufacturing, for the simple reason that – to a certain extent – they add value for customers. We help you to cope with such inevitable uncertainties and fluctuations. We work closely with you and apply management principles to consider important issues such as where to place the pacemaker or drum, the critical chain process and the location and management of the buffers. And because people are another key success factor in production management, our solution also includes their roles, responsibilities and how they should be managed. Hence, we arrive at an integrated solution that really delivers the intended results.


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