More interaction in digital meetings due to 3D environment

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has made working from home the norm for many employees, companies are increasingly looking for digital solutions to improve the quality and effectiveness of online meetings.

We have been using the digital 3D environment called ‘Aula’ with clients for some time. It is a virtual island where each participant has their own avatar (a virtual representation of themselves). The avatars enable the participants to move around the island and interact – and even talk – with other participants.




The island features various spaces that can be used to hold digital meetings, such as monthly S&OP meetings, project meetings, training sessions and even complete workshops.

The ‘sun deck’ is an ideal place for people to congregate and meet each other for the first time, for example, but there is also an auditorium for plenary sessions.



Multifunctional room

Additionally, there is a multifunctional space equipped with whiteboards, flip charts and presentation screens which can be useful when organizing a brainstorming session, for instance. At break times, participants can go to the bar where they can talk to other participants one to one.

Customers tell us that Aula is a welcome change from their intensive use of Zoom, Teams and Skype. It enables them to push ahead with planned business initiatives after all, without boredom/fatigue setting in and without having to travel for face-to-face meetings.

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