The pitfalls of S&OP

The pitfalls of S&OP

Your ultimate aim is to optimally align your supply chain with market demand, which is why sales & operations planning (S&OP) is crucial. But what does S&OP actually contribute to the performance of your company or organisation? Is S&OP delivering you tangible results?

Many organisations fall into the same traps: they are too operational, too focused on the details, too focused on supply chain issues, lack preparation and don’t make enough real business decisions.The S&OP bottomless pit of good intentions

Turn S&OP into a powerful instrument

At Involvation, we are keen to help you turn S&OP into a powerful instrument which enables you to improve your supply chain performance. One that supports you in achieving your business objectives. We can see plenty of possibilities! By taking a step-by-step approach, we help you to tailor your S&OP to your specific organisation. The result: a better understanding of the market, tighter grip on the planning, fewer surprises and a supply chain that is more closely aligned with the market – which ultimately leads to higher margins and greater customer satisfaction.

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