Fasten your seatbelt!

Multiple crisis ahead

It’s a challenging time in the Automotive industry and the Corona Crisis is just a starter. How to predict, prepare and response? Please download the whitepaper for our insights & approach.


Modelling volatility

Involvation and Flostock decided to combine the broad Supply Chain Planning expertise of Involvation with the highly specialized volatility modelling expertise of Flostock (bullwhips, pork cycles, Lehman waves, runaways). At the moment we model the effects of the Corona Crisis in the automotive industry. We believe we can help big and small companies in all tiers of the long and divers automotive supply chains understand and manage their business.

The Bullwhip Response Team: Predict-Prepare-Respond

Create your Bullwhip Response Team and predict, prepare and respond in times of crisis. If you want to know more about our approach or interested in participating in one of our webinars (invited only), contact Alfons Willemsen at