Production Management Game

The challenges of production management

Your manufacturing environment is a dynamic one. Sounds familiar? Customers placing rush orders. Production lines battling with technical problems. Suppliers delivering late. How can you create more stability? How can you increase delivery reliability while reducing costs? How can you balance supply and demand? The Production Management Game is an energising way for you to explore the possibilities.

Uncover the options!

The Production Management Game is a business simulation that reveals the impact of crucial decisions. You experience the benefits of a strong management concept. As you play, you discover how initiatives such as lean operations or new planning software can be profitable thanks to a manageable process. During the game various topics are covered, including:

  • Make to stock versus Make to order
  • Volume and mix levelling
  • Capacity planning
  • Determination of run size
  • Cyclical versus non-cyclical manufacturing
  • Supply chain effects on production management

Inspiration for your own business

Playing the Production Management Game takes half a day and is an extremely valuable experience. You discover new options and experience the consequences of your choices for yourself, making it easy to apply what you have learned to your own situation. This game gives you plenty of inspiration to take your own production management activities to the next level.


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