Spare Parts Management Game

Spare parts: a different story

You often cannot put a value on spare parts: if the right ones are not available at the crucial moment, your machine or even the entire factory can grind to a halt. Therefore, when managing spare parts, you look at your choices in a different light. How should you deal with these relatively expensive, slow-moving items that are subject to unpredictable demand? What are the right decisions in your situation? The Spare Parts Management Game gives you new insights!

Discover the best decisions

Spare parts management brings with it countless supply chain decisions. Should you hold stock or not? What is the optimal inventory level? And the best mode of transport? Although it is important to make the right choices on such matters, the traditional methods and models are of little help to you. Spare parts management requires different tools – ones that enable you to balance inventory levels against shorter lead times, less risk of failure and other options.
Play the Spare Parts Management Game and learn how to work with these tools! As you play, you become increasingly familiar with the unique aspects associated with spare parts, thus gaining useful insights to help you manage your own spare parts better.


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