Supply Chain Management Game

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As a (logistics) manager, you face countless choices – at strategic, tactical and/or operational level. Centralised or decentralised organisational structure? Close to home or further afield? Direct or indirect sales? Push or pull? Make to stock or make to order? The Supply Chain Management Game allows you to explore the various options risk-free, discover their impact and share your insights with your team at the same time. This business simulation is a guaranteed eye-opener!

Greater insight into your own supply chain

The aim of the Supply Chain Management Game is to give you a greater insight into the dynamics of your own supply chain. You can decide to focus on operational, tactical or strategic decisions, as you prefer. You receive answers to countless questions: what are my options? What are the consequences of each option? What is the impact of market demand? How do product characteristics influence the situation? How does my optimal supply chain look? As you play, you experience the pain of wrong decisions and the success of right ones, learning as you go. And it is a team-building exercise too!

Adding value in the face of any challenge

The Supply Chain Management Game adds value in any phase of your project, no matter what challenge you are currently facing. Redesigning the supply chain or reorganising the way it is managed. Sharing insights with your team or convincing management of the relevance of your ideas. Strengthening your team or gaining internal acceptance. More than a hundred companies have already discovered the added value of the Supply Chain Management Game for themselves.

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