The Cool Connection

The aim of the game

The Cool Connection is an innovative web-based business simulation game. It engages participants in making strategic decisions in the management of a manufacturing company of personal care products. Working in teams of four, participants will represent the functional roles of sales, purchasing, supply chain management and finance. They will be confronted with various real-life dilemmas. Cross functional understanding and collaboration are key components, as teams work together to turn the company around.

Educational experience

As a management team, playing The Cool Connection business game provides you with a wealth of experience. What are the key new insights?

  • Cross functional collaboration is the key to success.
  • Working capital management is the basis for a healthy ROI.
  • Aligning the financial and supply chain planning processes is a very powerful way to boost the company’s profitability.

Target audience: companies that want to advance their S&OP

The Cool Connection will give insights to a broad group of middle and senior managers. The IBP variant is particularly useful for companies that are running financial and S&OP processes and that want to take the next step towards Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

The Cool Connection can be played during a face-to-face workshop, but it is also very well suited for a series of online webinars. In the online facilitation version, you play at your own pace, get feedback and discuss new insights during the webinars.


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