Nowadays, many companies have implemented S&OP although often without the desired results. Meetings between sales and operations often pay more attention to operational problems than to tactical and strategic issues. Yet it is precisely by achieving alignment at those levels that you can strengthen your supply chain.


The S&OP training course is a combination of theory and practice. Playing The Fresh Connection game enables you to experience the importance of working together and creating alignment between different disciplines. By the end of the training course, you have gained the right knowledge to use S&OP effectively. You learn how managers can make better decisions, how to establish links between strategic objectives and operations, and how to set up your S&OP process for optimal results.

Target group

This training course is intended for middle managers and senior managers who are responsible for S&OP effectiveness. In view of the nature of S&OP, the training is suitable for all the primary business disciplines: marketing, sales, finance, supply chain, operations and purchasing.

The trainer

The trainer is a senior consultant who has extensive experience in setting up and implementing S&OP within various companies.

In-company training or open course

Alfons Willemsen 250x250pxIf you opt for in-company training, we will tailor the content of the course to your particular situation and objectives. The cost for an open training course is € 1,500 per participant. If you would like more information or to sign up, contact Alfons Willemsen via a.willemsen@involvation.com. You can also register directly via the registration form.

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