Learning & Development

It’s all about people

Do you want to improve your supply chain? Do you want to execute a new strategy successfully? The people within your organisation play a crucial role in this. Before you can achieve the desired results, you need them to gain the relevant knowledge, embrace your ideas, share your beliefs and understand new concepts. Which is why, as a consultancy firm that provides both advice and implementation, we focus strongly on learning & development.

Learning by doing

When it comes to learning & development, we have our own unique vision. It is widely acknowledged that we gain most of our learning through doing. By making decisions, seeing the consequences and understanding the causes. That’s how we’ve all learned around 70 percent of what we know. Therefore, if you want your employees to develop effectively, it makes sense to offer them that experience. And it is possible to do so in a safe environment, without any risk of damaging your corporate image!

As well as running masterclasses and training courses, Involvation also organises educational and inspiring business games. We believe in the so-called ‘magic circle’, which is a continuous cycle of experiencing, reflecting, conceptualising and applying. You will see the magic circle recurring throughout our learning & development programme.

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That is Involvation. Driven by possibilities!

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