Fokker Elmo prepares for growth

At this moment a number of production programs are concurrently running within Fokker Elmo of which Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) is one. All these programs demand different customer and supply chain requirements of Fokker Elmo’s plants in the different countries it is located.

Prepare for increasing volumes

Elmo_Migratie_Foto_Electronic_Systems_2_636x285The JSF program is supported by Fokker Elmo, initially in its development stages, and now moving towards serial production ramp-up. Fokker Elmo’s planning processes have developed along the development of the JSF program. In order to prepare for the ramp-up in production volumes, Fokker Elmo considered it time to make a step-change in their Sales & Operations Planning and production planning capabilities. After participating in Involvation’s event ”S&OP in One Day” in March 2015, Fokker Elmo decided to request Involvation to support the company in this step change.

Both tactical and operational planning to be improved

Together with Fokker Elmo, 2 work streams have been identified to make the step-change possible:

  • Tactical Planning, focusing on the planning horizon between 3 and 15 months in the future, with the following deliverables:
    • Sales & Operations Blueprint: Initially focused at Fokker Elmo’s JSF Program but adjustable to other programs within Fokker Elmo and other companies within the Fokker Group;
    • Implementation Approach for this Blueprint;
    • Implemented Sales & Operations Planning process including a coached first-run of this newly designed process for the JSF Program.
  • Operational Planning, focusing on the short- and mid-term planning up to 3 months in the future, with the following deliverables:
    • Optimized operational planning concept and associated processes (Order entry, Master Production Scheduling, Production Planning and Shop Floor Control), leading to stable MPS and MRP results;
    • Business rules and planning parameters (e.g. Planning time fence, Order acceptance rules) supporting this optimized planning concept;
    • Performance Indicators suitable for this newly designed planning concept and processes;
    • System requirements for the different IT systems used within Fokker Elmo;
    • Plan of approach for the implementation of planning concept, processes and IT requirements.


Growth creates complexity, which requires simplicity
Andy Stanley