Testimonials S&OP in one day

Kees HoutepenKees Houtepen, Senior Buyer

This is a highly recommended training for each (management) team that wants to develop itself and progress on managing the business with clear and shared objectives for operational, tactical and strategic planning. The maturity model presented in the training helped us in clearly ‘plotting’ our own capabilities on S&OP.




Team TFC (2)Maarten Peeters, Supply Chain Planner

Last year our team participated in the S&OP in one day event, which I can highly recommend. We gained valuable S&OP knowledge, which we could directly implement in the practicing rounds of the Fresh Connection, played during the same day. Moreover, this knowledge has greatly helped us becoming national champions and reaching the global finals in the Fresh Connection competition that started after the event.

I believe The Fresh Connection is a must for Supply Chain teams, other departments (e.g. Purchasing or Sales) and students. It is a fun and interactive business game in an online environment which can easily be translated to real business life. Key takeaways for me are to look beyond the boundaries of departments, to gain a better understanding of colleagues and the importance of transparent communication. The game also shows the relevance for a clear strategy that translates down to all business decisions. I still use many of the insights in everyday business and I believe teams that played the game will show better teamwork and are more capable of achieving better overall results.

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