Experience the power of S&OP!

Working in functional silos?

It is a common problem in many companies: business functions that are not aligned. People in different departments have different incentives, agendas and mental models. The result: sub-optimal results, missed business targets and a lot of wasted energy.

Better decisions with S&OP

Recognise this? The good news is that S&OP can help by realising cross-functional alignment. By enabling decisions that are optimal for the company as a whole, not just for one department. Besides, a well-defined S&OP process can be the bridge between the company’s strategy and the tactical and operational decisions.

Get more out of S&OP?

Maybe you are already running S&OP and want to improve it, or maybe you just want to know more about it. But where to start? How to make it a joint effort with your colleagues, leading to concrete results?

Involvation now offers the opportunity to strengthen you knowledge of S&OP and get inspired in a one day master class. You will discover why S&OP is simple but not easy. A workshop consists of case studies, essential S&OP theory and immediately bringing this into practice in the business simulation “The Fresh Connection”. This ensures a very steep learning curve.

Target audience

Are you working in sales, finance, procurement, operations or supply chain? Are you involved in S&OP and looking to drive the next step? Then register for this high energy training and experience the power of S&OP! For more information contact Hans van der Drift.

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