Mark Hoppenbrouwers about S&OP in Rituals

At the S&OP-in-One-Day event, Mark Hoppenbrouwers – Director Supply Chain at Rituals Cosmetics – will speak about the design and implementation of S&OP in the fastest-growing company in The Netherlands.


rituals logoThe lifestyle brand Rituals Cosmetics was founded in The Netherlands in 2000. Its philosophy is to transform everyday routines into moments of indulgence with beautiful and luxurious products. The collections are based on Eastern traditions and create unique sensory experiences, such as your own private Hammam, balancing your Yin and Yang energies with Dao or immersing yourself in the Ayurvedic philosophy with tea, a body scrub or aromatic oils.

With over 500 stores worldwide, Rituals is the fastest-growing company in The Netherlands. Its products can also be found in its webshop, in almost 1,500 shop-in-shops within leading department stores worldwide, on board airlines and in 25,000 hotel rooms.

Professionalising S&OP

To facilitate its expected growth and maintain high levels of service to its own stores and other resellers in the years ahead, Rituals initiated the design and implementation of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) in 2016.

Speaker during S&OP-in-One-Day

During the S&OP-in-One-Day event Mark Hoppenbrouwers, Director Supply Chain at Rituals Cosmetics, will explain more about the design and implementation of S&OP at Rituals. Some of the themes he will address include:

  • Why did Rituals opt for S&OP?sopinoneday_2017_title_website_uk1
  • How is the process organised?
  • What are the critical success factors?
  • Where do the challenges lie in ensuring the success of S&OP at Rituals?

Please find here more information about S&OP-in-One-Day! March 27th  2017 at De Horst in Driebergen.

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