The Fresh Connection

The aim of the game

As a participant in this game, you form part of the management team of a fruit-juice manufacturing company called The Fresh Connection. This manufacturer is facing a number of challenges, and there are several reasons why the business is struggling. You are required to work with the rest of your small team to turn the company’s fortunes around by optimising the supply chain and increasing efficiency. This involves you fulfilling tasks, making decisions and monitoring and responding to developments in the supply chain.

Educational experience

As a supply chain management team, playing The Fresh Connection business game provides you with a wealth of experience. What are the most essential lessons learned?

  • Collaboration, both internally and within the supply chain, is the key to success.
  • Supply chain management forms the basis for healthy profit.
  • Supply chain risks must be managed.
  • It is essential to keep an eye on the ever-changing environment.

From a competition to an event

The Fresh Connection offers you several ways of learning:

  • The competition: a large-scale event during which different teams battle it out.
  • The academy: you play at your own pace, and we focus strongly on your specific learning objectives.
  • The workshop: a day which revolves around gaining experience and insights.
  • The event: a half-day session with the emphasis on the game element.

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